Stark Munro Letters cover

Stark Munro Letters

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

1. Home. 30th March, 1881
2. Home, 10th April, 1881
3. Home, 15th October, 1881
4. Home, 1st December, 1881
5. Merton on the Moors, 5th March, 1882
6. The Parade, Bradfield, 7th March, 1882
7. The Parade, Bradfield, 9th March, 1882
8. The Parade, Bradfield, 6th April, 1882
9. The Parade, Bradfield, 23rd April, 1882
10. Cadogan Terrace, Birchespool, 21st May, 1882
11. Oakley Villas, Birchespool, 29th May, 1882
12. Oakley Villas, Birchespool, 5th June, 1882
13. Oakley Villas, Birchespool, 12th June, 1882
14. Oakley Villas, Birchespool, 15th January, 1883
15. Oakley Villas, Birchespool, 3rd August, 1883
16. Oakley Villas, Birchespool, 4th November, 1884

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"The letters of my friend Mr. Stark Munro appear to me to form so connected a whole, and to give so plain an account of some of the troubles which a young man may be called upon to face right away at the outset of his career, that I have handed them over to the gentleman who is about to edit them. There are two of them, the fifth and the ninth, from which some excisions are necessary; but in the main I hope that they may be reproduced as they stand. I am sure that there is no privilege which my friend would value more highly than the thought that some other young man, harassed by the needs of this world and doubts of the next, should have gotten strength by reading how a brother had passed down the valley of shadow before him." HERBERT SWANBOROUGH. LOWELL, MASS.