Squinty the Comical Pig cover

Squinty the Comical Pig

Richard Barnum

1. 01 - Squinty and the Dog
2. 02 - Squinty Runs Away
3. 03 - Squinty is Lost
4. 04 - Squinty gets Home
5. 05 - Squinty and the Boy
6. 06 - Squinty on a Journey
7. 07 - Squinty Learns a Trick
8. 08 - Squinty in the Woods
9. 09 - Squinty's Balloon Ride
10. 10 - Squinty and the Squirrel
11. 11 - Squinty and the Merry Monkey
12. 12 - Squinty gets Home Again

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"This comical children's tale about the funny adventures of a funny pig written by an unknown author. The publisher has hired authors to write children's tales, and gave them "house names". The "name" of the author who wrote this tale is Richard Barnum. It became very successful, the most well known of Richard Barnum's tales. So, if you want to laugh a little, even if you are not a child, read this book".