Spanish Cavalier cover

Spanish Cavalier

Charlotte Maria Tucker (1821-1893)

1. The Counting House
2. A Saunter through Seville
3. Faded Splendour
4. Pride and its Penalties
5. Announcements
6. A Sister's Sacrifice
7. Driven to the Slaughter
8. Without and Within
9. The Brief Farewell
10. Struck Down
11. Failure
12. Darkness and Light
13. New Life
14. An Unpardonable Wrong
15. Confession
16. A Mirage
17. Arrested
18. Turning Away
19. Walking Alone
20. An Idol on its Pedestal
21. Two Angels
22. Strange Company
23. Preaching in Prison
24. A Friend
25. Warnings
26. The Lonely Posada
27. Following the Scent
28. Wanderings
29. A Earthquake
30. Pursued
31. Vengeance
32. A Last Farewell
33. A Treasure
34. Glad Tidings
35. Fiction and Truth

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When his father dies, Lucius Lepine goes to Spain as a clerk. His fellow clerk, Don Aguilera, doesn't come to work one day. Lucius is worried, he has heard rumors of what has happened to Aguilera. What has happened? Can Lucius find out?