The Soul of the Indian cover

The Soul of the Indian

Charles Alexander Eastman (1858-1939)

1. 00 - Forward
2. 01 - Ch 01 - The Great Mystery
3. 02 - Ch 02 - The Family Altar
4. 03 - Ch 03 - Ceremonial and Symbolic Worship
5. 04 - Ch 04 - Barbarism and the Moral Code
6. 05 - Ch 05 - The Unwritten Scriptures
7. 06 - Ch 06 - On the Border-Land of Spirits

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"We also have a religion which was given to our forefathers, and has been handed down to us their children. It teaches us to be thankful, to be united, and to love one another! We never quarrel about religion."


D. Van E

- Truth of a people, lied about historically.

A look at the Native American perspective from a native before the brutality of reformation schools and Christian organizations attempted to "kill the savage save the man" this destroying tradition language and most importantly spirituality. The same spirituality that allowed for Natives helping all beings compassionately as a way of life for most nations gets omitted from history while celebrating Natives "warrior spirit" that unfortunately has been and continues to be wrongfully characterized. Put into such a small scope of barbaric ceremony and torturous wartime practices that came long after Europeans had decimated the culture, and thus tainting the minds with fear and distrust that never existed in these once beneficent people.