Songs of Action cover

Songs of Action

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

1. The Song of the Bow
2. Cremona
3. The Storming Party
4. The Frontier Line
5. Corporal Dick's Promotion
6. A Forgotten Tale
7. Pennarby Mine
8. A Rover Chanty
9. A Ballad of the Ranks
10. A Lay of the Links
11. The Dying Whip
12. Master
13. H.M.S. 'Foudroyant'
14. The Farnshire Cup
15. The Groom's Story
16. With the Chiddingfolds
17. A Hunting Morning
18. The Old Gray Fox
19. 'Ware Holes
20. The Home-Coming of the 'Eurydice'
21. The Inner Room
22. The Irish Colonel
23. The Blind Archer
24. A Parable
25. A Tragedy
26. The Passing
27. The Franklin's Maid
28. The Old Huntsman

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This is a collection of poems by Arthur Conan Doyle centering around the theme of war, action and adventure.