Smugglers' Reef cover

Smugglers' Reef

Harold L. Goodwin (1914-1990)

1. Night Assignment
2. Cap'n Mike
3. The Redheaded Kelsos
4. A Warning
5. The Mysterious Phone Call
6. The Albatross
7. Search For A Clue
8. The Old Tower
9. Night Watch
10. Captured
11. The Hearing
12. The Missing Fisherman
13. The Tracker
14. Captain Killian
15. Plimsoll Marks
16. Night Flight
17. Enter the Police
18. Brendan's Marsh
19. The Fight At Creek House
20. Read All About It!

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Seventh entry in the Rick Brant Science Mystery Adventure series has Rick and buddy Scott using infrared technology on the trail of smuggling no-goodniks in the vicinity of Spindrift Island, Rick's home and location of his dad's laboratory, off the New Jersey & New York coast.