Slayer of Souls cover

Slayer of Souls

Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933)

1. The Yezidee
2. The Yellow Snake
3. Grey Magic
4. Body and Soul
5. The Assassins
6. In Battle
7. The Bridal
8. The Man in White
9. The West Wind
10. At the Ritz
11. Yulun the Beloved
12. His Excellency
13. Sa-N'Sa, part 1
14. Sa-N'Sa, part 2
15. A Death-Trail
16. In the Firelight
17. The Place of Prayer
18. The Slayer of Souls

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    Tressa Norne is an American living in China. After her life was spared during a revolution in the area, Tressa finds herself taken as a slave and forced to serve Erlik, a demon-god, and his cult. She ends up escaping back to America, but only to find that she is being followed by the Secret Service, and her former masters. (Ann Boulais)