Sir Nigel cover

Sir Nigel

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

1. 00 - Introduction
2. 01 - The House of Loring
3. 02 - How the Devil Came to Waverley
4. 03 - The Yellow Horse of Crooksbury
5. 04 - How the Summoner Came to the Manor House of Tilford
6. 05 - How Nigel Was Tried by the Abbot of Waverley
7. 06 - In Which Lady Ermyntrude Opens the Iron Coffer
8. 07 - How Nigel Went Marketing to Guildford
9. 08 - How the King Hawked on Crooksbury Heath
10. 09 - How Nigel Held the Bridge at Tilford
11. 10 - How the King Greeted his Seneschal of Calais
12. 11 - In the Hall of the Knight of Duplin
13. 12 - How Nigel Fought the Twisted Man of Shalford
14. 13 - How the Comrades Journeyed Down the Old, Old Road
15. 14 - How Nigel Chased the Red Ferret
16. 15 - How the Red Ferret Came to Cosford
17. 16 - How the King's Court Feasted in Calais Castle
18. 17 - The Spaniards on the Sea
19. 18 - How Black Simon Claimed Forfeit from the King of Sark
20. 19 - How a Squire of England Met a Squire of France
21. 20 - How the English Attempted the Castle of La Brohiniere
22. 21 - How the Second Messenger Went to Cosford
23. 22 - How Robert of Beaumanoir Came to Ploermel
24. 23 - How Thirty of Josselin Encountered Thirty of Ploermel
25. 24 - How Nigel was Called to his Master
26. 25 - How the King of France Held Counsel at Maupertuis
27. 26 - How Nigel Found his Third Deed
28. 27 - How the Third Messenger Came to Cosford

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By 1348 the House of Loring has fallen on hard times. Together, the Black Death and the greedy monks of Waverley have bled away all of the Loring wealth. Even the manor house will have to go to pay their debts.Then a chance encounter with the King of England provides Nigel, the last of the Lorings, with the chance to seek his fortune in the constant wars with France. But more importantly for Nigel it also means that he may be able to do the "three small deeds" that will show he is worthy to ask for the hand of the Lady Mary in marriage.Filled with chivalry, humour, and high romance, Sir Nigel is simply a rattling good yarn.



Who would know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was such a well-rounded author; not just Sherlock Holmes. Maybe a bit too "wordy" at times, but extremely interesting and well-read!

Neil Bennett

- Sir Nigel

Great book, Excellent narrator, why can't we have more narrators of thi calibre.

Sir Nigel

- Great Book! Great Narrator!!

I love this story and the narrator is amazing! You must listen to this book.