Silver Horde cover

Silver Horde

Rex Beach (1877-1949)

1. Wherein A Spiritless Man And A Rogue Appear
2. In Which They Break Bread With A Lonely Woman
3. In Which Cherry Malotte Displays A Temper
4. In Which She Gives Heart To A Hopeless Man
5. In Which A Compact Is Formed
6. Wherein Boreas Takes A Hand
7. And Neptune Takes Another
8. Wherein Boyd Admits His Failure
9. And Is Granted A Year Of Grace
10. In Which Big George Meets His Enemy
11. Wherein Boyd Emerson Is Twice Amazed
12. In Which Miss Wayland Is Of Two Minds
13. In Which Cherry Malotte Becomes Suspicious
14. In Which They Recognize The Enemy
15. The Doors Of The Vault Swing Shut
16. Willis Marsh Comes Out From Cover
17. A New Enemy Appears
18. Willis Marsh Springs A Trap
19. In Which A Mutiny Is Threatened
20. Wherein "Fingerless" Fraser Returns
21. A Hand In The Dark
22. The Silver Horde
23. In Which More Plans Are Laid
24. Wherein "The Grande Dame" Arrives, Laden With Disappointments
25. The Clash
26. In Which A Score Is Settled
27. And A Dream Comes True

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The Silver Horde , is set in Kalvik, a fictionalized community in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and tells the story of a down on his luck gold miner who discovers a greater wealth in Alaska's run of salmon (silver horde) and decides to open a cannery. To accomplish this he must overcome the relentless opposition of the "salmon trust," a fictionalized Alaska Packers' Association, which undercuts his financing, sabotages his equipment, incites a longshoremen's riot and bribes his fishermen to quit. The story line includes a love interest as the protagonist is forced to choose between his fiance, a spoiled banker's daughter, and an earnest roadhouse operator, a woman of "questionable virtue."