The Silent Barrier cover

The Silent Barrier

Louis Tracy (1863-1928)

1. 01 - The Wish
2. 02 - The Fulfillment of the Wish
3. 03 - Wherein Two People Become Better Acquainted
4. 04 - How Helen Came to Maloja
5. 05 - An Interlude
6. 06 - The Battlefield
7. 07 - Some Skirmishing
8. 08 - Shadows
9. 09 - 'Etta's Father'
10. 10 - On The Glacier
11. 11 - Wherein Helen Lives a Crowded Hour
12. 12 - The Allies
13. 13 - The Compact
14. 14 - Wherein Millicent Arms for the Fray
15. 15 - A Coward's Victory
16. 16 - Spencer Explains
17. 17 - The Settlement

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The Silent Barrier is a story of mystery and romance with Charles K. Spencer, a well-to-do young American mining engineer, as main character. Drinking his water in a hotel in London one day, he overhears a conversation between two young women, one of whom speaks of going to Switzerland. He decides to play "fairy godfather" and send the comparatively poor, but most amicable other girl there, without her knowing anything of him, under the pretext of furthering her career as a writer for a scientific journal. However, the girl is shadowed on her journey by the mysterious Mr. Mark Bower. Convinced from the first that Bower is a rogue, Mr. Spencer decides to follow them to protect the girl...



- Excellent

I enjoyed this immensely. Greatly detailed descriptions of Switzerland and its alps. It took me back to my visit there 40+ years ago. Highly recommended.


- Well narrated

Good story.


- Swiss adventure

Thoroughly entertaining and evocative of the delights of the mountains of Switzerland. Very well read.