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1. Foreword And Preface
2. Russia And The Jews
3. The First Step
4. Mr. Jackson's Opinion On The Jewish Question
5. The Jewish Question In Russia
6. The Jews And Russian Economic Life
7. The War And The Status Of The Jew
8. Jewish Rights And Their Enemies
9. The Jewish Question As A Russian Question
10. Concerning The Ideology Of The Jewish Question
11. The Little Boy, A Story
12. The Fatherland For All
13. On Nationalism
14. Concerning The Legal Status Of The Jews
15. The Wounded Soldier, A Story
16. How To Help
17. The Homeless Ones
18. The Jew, A Story

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This is not merely a book about the Russian Jews. It is a marvellous revelation of the Russian soul. It shows not only that the overwhelming majority of the Russian intellectuals, including nearly all of her brilliant literary geniuses, are opposed to the persecution of the Jews or any other race, but that they have a capacity for sympathy and understanding of humanity unequalled in any other land. I do not know of any book where the genius and heart of Russia is better displayed. Not only her leading litterateurs but also her leading statesmen and economists are represented—and all of them speak as with a single voice.