Shepherd's Life; Impressions Of The South Wiltshire Downs cover

Shepherd's Life; Impressions Of The South Wiltshire Downs

William H. Hudson (1841-1922)

1. Salisbury Plain
2. Salisbury As I See It
3. Winterborne Bishop
4. A Shepherd Of The Downs
5. Early Memories
6. Shepherd Isaac Bawcombe
7. The Deer-Stealers
8. Shepherds And Poaching
9. The Shepherd On Foxes
10. Bird Life On The Downs
11. Starlings And Sheep-Bells
12. The Shepherd And The Bible
13. Vale Of The Wylye
14. A Sheep-Dog's Life
15. The Ellerbys Of Doveton
16. Old Wiltshire Days
17. Old Wiltshire Days Continued
18. The Shepherd's Return
19. The Dark People Of The Village
20. Some Sheep-Dogs
21. The Shepherd As Naturalist
22. The Master Of The Village
23. Isaac's Children
24. Living In The Past

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Hudson wrote this classic work in 1910; it is admiringly mentioned by many other writers. It focuses on the memories of a head shepherd, Caleb Bawcombe, so it is concerned with the period of mid to late nineteenth century rural Wiltshire, a county in England. This pleasant engaging book contains rural wisdom, natural history, farming practices, human characters, and more