The Seven Who Were Hanged cover

The Seven Who Were Hanged

Leonid Nikolayevich Andreyev (1871-1919)

1. 00 - Dedication, Foreword and Introduction
2. 01 - At One O'Clock, Your Excellency!
3. 02 - Condemned to be Hanged
4. 03 - Why Should I be Hanged?
5. 04 - We Come from Oryol
6. 05 - Kiss - And Say Nothing
7. 06 - The Hours are Rushing
8. 07 - There is no Death
9. 08 - There is Death as well as Life
10. 09 - Dreadful Solitude
11. 10 - The Walls are Falling
12. 11 - On the Way to the Scaffold

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"I am very glad that "The Story of the Seven Who Were Hanged" will be read in English. The misfortune of us all is that we know so little, even nothing, about one another—neither about the soul, nor the life, the sufferings, the habits, the inclinations, the aspirations of one another. Literature, which I have the honor to serve, is dear to me just because the noblest task it sets before itself is that of wiping out boundaries and distances."-- Leonid Andreyev, in a letter to Herman Bernstein