Seven Men cover

Seven Men

Max Beerbohm (1872-1956)

1. Enoch Soames, Pt. I
2. Enoch Soames, Pt. II
3. Hilary Maltby and Stephen Braxton, Pt. I
4. Hilary Maltby and Stephen Braxton, Pt. II
5. James Pethel
6. A.V. Laider, Pt. I
7. A.V. Laider, Pt. II
8. Savonarola Brown, Pt. I
9. Savonarola Brown, Pt. II

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In order to liven up the literary history of Great Britain in the 1890s (as if Oscar Wilde, Stevenson, Kipling, Hardy, etc., were not lively enough) Max Beerbohm wrote short biographies of six imaginary writers. Though their works of course no longer exist, he leaves the impression that the literary world is really none the poorer. It is, of course, the six men themselves (Beerbohm himself is the seventh man of the title) who are worth our attention. ( Nicholas Clifford) Note that the Gutenberg edition of Seven Men is incomplete, but the missing sections may be found separately James Pethel E.V. Laider