Secrets of the Woods cover

Secrets of the Woods

William Joseph Long (1867-1952)

1. Preface
2. Tookhees: The 'Fraid One, part 1
3. Tookhees: The 'Fraid One, part 2
4. A Wilderness Byway
5. Keeonekh: The Fisherman, part 1
6. Keeonekh: The Fisherman, part 2
7. Keeonekh: The Fisherman, part 3
8. Koskomenos: The Outcast, part 1
9. Koskomenos: The Outcast, part 2
10. Meeko: The Mischief Maker, part 1
11. Meeko: The Mischief Maker, part 2
12. Meeko: The Mischief Maker, part 3
13. The Ol' Beech Pa'tridge, part 1
14. The Ol' Beech Pa'tridge, part 2
15. The Ol' Beech Pa'tridge, part 3
16. Following the Deer
17. Still Hunting, part 1
18. Still Hunting, part 2
19. Winter Trails, part 1
20. Winter Trails, part 2
21. Snowbound, part 1
22. Snowbound, part 2

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The unique merit of this nature student rests in his fascinating style of writing, which invariably interests young and old; for without this element his pioneer work in the realm of nature would now be familiar only to scientists, introducing people everywhere into the wonderland of nature hitherto entirely closed to all. This is another chapter in the shy, wild life of the fields and woods. Little Toohkees, the wood mouse that dies of fright in the author’s hand; the mother otter, Keeonekh, teaching her little ones to swim; and the little red squirrel with his many curious habits,—all are presented with the same liveliness and color that characterize the descriptions in the first two volumes. The stories are unusually accurate in portraying animal life as it really exists in its native haunts. Containing many details of the lives of animals that you may never have known of before, these wilderness stories are great listening for young and old.