The Scrap Book, Volume 1, No. 4 June 1906 cover

The Scrap Book, Volume 1, No. 4 June 1906


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    THE SCRAP BOOK. Vol. I. JUNE, 1906. No. 4. June, BUNKER HILL June, 1775. 1843. Peroration of the Address Delivered by Daniel Webster, June 17, 1843, at the Dedication of the Monument That Now Marks the Scene of the Famous Revolutionary Struggle.We have indulged in gratifying recollections of the past, in the prosperity and pleasures of the present, and in high hopes for the future. But let us remember that we have duties and obligations to perform, corresponding to the blessings which we enjoy. Let us remember the trust, the sacred trust, attaching to the rich inheritance which we have received from our fathers. Let us feel our personal responsibility, to the full extent of our power and influence, for the preservation of the principles of civil and religious liberty. And let us remember that it is only religion, and morals, and knowledge, that can make men respectable and happy under any form of government. Let us hold fast the great truth that communities are responsible as well as individuals; that no government is respectable which is not just; that without unspotted purity of public faith, without sacred public principle, fidelity, and honor no mere forms of government, no machinery of laws, can give dignity to political society. In our day and generation let us seek to raise and improve the moral sentiment, so that we may look, not for a degraded, but for an elevated and improved future. And when both we and our children shall have been consigned to the house appointed for all living, may love of country and pride of country glow with equal fervor among those to whom our names and our blood shall have descended! And then, when honored and decrepit age shall lean against the base of this monument, and troops of ingenuous youth shall be gathered round it, and when the one shall speak to the other of its objects, the purposes of its construction, and the great and glorious events with which it is concerned there shall rise, from every youthful breast, the ejaculation "Thank God, I I also am an American!"The Latest Viewpoints of Men Worth While...