The Scrap Book Sampler cover

The Scrap Book Sampler

editor: Frank Munsey

1. 01- The Coming Test of American Resources
2. 02- The Progress of Women
3. 03- Descent Into The Maelstrom
4. 04- The Great Southwest
5. 05- An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge
6. 06- The World's Fastest Trains
7. 07- Creating Wealth From Waste
8. 08- The Tapestried Room
9. 09- The Story of the Snow Elinora
10. 10- Feminine Rule May Doom Our Country
11. 11- When Vesuvius Destroyed Pompeii
12. 12- Niagara, the June Bride's Paradise
13. 13- Patrick Henry's Call to Arms
14. 14- Our National Anthem
15. 15- From The Country Press
16. 16- Liquor Dealers Come Out For Temperance
17. 17- Good Manners Fifty Years Ago
18. 18- A Course From Trimalchio's Dinner

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18 works -- two non-fic articles & one short fiction or poetry each -- from issues March, April, May, June, July, & August 1906 of The Scrap Book, Volume 1, edited by Frank Munsey. As he states in the editorial of the April 1906 issue (Vol 1, Iss 2) this was a sort of supplement to the editor's popular monthly, Munsey's Magazine. The Scrap Book is very like an American version of Punch with many short, often humorous articles interspersed with at least one short story, some poetry, and several longer non-fic pieces. The Scrap Book ran up to 1922.