School Book of Forestry cover

School Book of Forestry

Charles Lathrop Pack (1857-1937)

1. Introduction
2. How Trees Grow and Multiply
3. The Forest Families
4. Forests and Floods
5. Wild Life of the Forest
6. Important Forest Trees and Their Uses
7. The Greatest Enemy of the Forest - Fire
8. Insects and Diseases That Destroy Forests
9. The Growth of the Forestry Idea
10. Our National Forests
11. The National Forests of Alaska
12. Progress in State Forestry
13. The Playgrounds of the Nation
14. Solving Our Forestry Problems
15. Why the United States Should Practice Forestry
16. Why the Lumberman Should Practice Forestry
17. Why the Farmer Should Practice Forestry
18. Putting Wood Waste to Work
19. Wood for the Nation

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Written by a third-generation timberman, this book discusses what forests are, their primary enemies, and their benefits to others. Additionally, mention is made of the U.S. National Forest system.