Scalp Hunters cover

Scalp Hunters

Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-1883)

1. The Wild West
2. The Prairie Merchant
3. The Prairie Fever
4. A Ride on a Buffalo Bull
5. In a Bad Fix
6. Santa Fe
7. The Fandango
8. Seguin the Scalp-Hunter
9. Left Behind
10. The Del Norte
11. The 'Journey of Death'
12. Zoe
13. Seguin
14. Love
15. Light and Shade
16. An Autobiography
17. Up the Del Norte
18. Geography and Geology
19. The Scalp-Hunters
20. Sharp-Shooting
21. A Feat a la Tell
22. A Feat a la Tail
23. The Programme
24. El Sol and La Luna
25. The War-Trail
26. Three Days in the Trap
27. The Diggers
28. Dacoma
29. A Dinner with Two Dishes
30. Blinding the Pursuer
31. A Buffalo 'Surround'
32. Another 'Coup'
33. A Bitter Trap
34. The Phantom City
35. The Mountain of Gold
36. Navajoa
37. The Night Ambuscade
38. Adele
39. The White Scalp
40. The Fight in the Pass
41. The Barranca
42. The Foe
43. New Misery
44. The Flag of Truce
45. A Vexed Treaty
46. A Conflict with Closed Doors
47. A Queer Encounter in a Cave
48. Smoked Out
49. A Novel Mode of Equitation
50. A Fast Dye
51. Astonishing the Natives
52. Running Amuck
53. A Conflict Upon a Cliff
54. An Unexpected Encontre
55. The Rescue
56. El Paso Del Norte
57. Touching the Chords of Memory

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"Unroll the world’s map, and look upon the great northern continent of America. Away to the wild west, away toward the setting sun, away beyond many a far meridian, let your eyes wander. Rest them where golden rivers rise among peaks that carry the eternal snow. Rest them there. You are looking upon a land whose features are un-furrowed by human hands, still bearing the marks of the Almighty mould, as upon the morning of creation; a region whose every object wears the impress of God’s image. His ambient spirit lives in the silent grandeur of its mountains, and speaks in the roar of its mighty rivers: a region redolent of romance, rich in the reality of adventure. Follow me, with the eye of your mind, through scenes of wild beauty, of savage sublimity." So begins this early book by Mayne Reid, a book of romance, of adventure, and of the wide open spaces of the Wild West. (Adapted from the first chapter)