Saved at Sea cover

Saved at Sea

Mrs. O. F. Walton (1849-1939)

1. My Strange Home
2. The Flare at Sea
3. The Bundle Saved
4. Little Timpey
5. The Unclaimed Sunbeam
6. The Old Gentleman's Question
7. A Thick Fog
8. Waiting for the Boat
9. A Change in the Lighthouse
10. Our New Neighbor
11. On the Rock
12. The Sunbeam Claimed

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Alick was born in a lighthouse during a storm, and raised in the same lighthouse. He used to wish something would change, and one day something did. In an attempt to rescue a ship in distress, Alick and his grandfather end up with a baby girl. Who are her parents? Did they perish on that stormy night? As the lighthouse people try to find the answers to these questions, little "Timpey" begins to work her way into their hearts. And while the lighthouse stands firmly on the rock, are Alick and his grandfather truly anchored on the Rock?