The San Francisco Calamity by Earthquake and Fire cover

The San Francisco Calamity by Earthquake and Fire

Charles Morris (1833-1922)

1. 00 Preface
2. 01 San Francisco and its Terrific Earthquake
3. 02 The Demon of Fire Invades the Stricken City
4. 03 Fighting Flames with Dynamite
5. 04 The Reign of Destruction and Devastation
6. 05 The Panic Flight of a Homeless Host
7. 06 Facing Famine and Praying for Relief
8. 07 The Frightful Loss of Life and Wealth
9. 08 Wonderful Record of Thrilling Escapes
10. 09 Disaster Spreads over the Golden State
11. 10 All America and Canada to the Rescue
12. 11 The San Francisco of the Past
13. 12 Life in the Metropolis of the Pacific
14. 13 Plans to Rebuild San Francisco
15. 14 The Earthquake Wave Felt Around the World
16. 15 Vesuvius Devastates the Region of Naples
17. 16 The Great Lisbon and Calabrian Earthquakes
18. 17 The Charleston and Other Earthquakes of the United States
19. 18 The Volcano and the Earthquake, Earth's Demons of Destruction
20. 19 The Theories of Volcanic and Earthquake Action
21. 20 The Active Volcanoes of the Earth
22. 21 The Famous Vesuvius and the Destruction of Pompeii
23. 22 Eruptions of Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli
24. 23 Skapter Jokull and Hecla, the Great Icelandic Volcanoes
25. 24 Volcanoes of the Philippines and other Pacific Islands
26. 25 The Wonderful Hawaiian Craters and Kilauea's Lake of Fire
27. 26 Popocatepetl and Other Volcanoes of Mexico and Central America
28. 27 The Terrible Eruption of Krakatoa
29. 28 Mount Pelee and its Harvest of Death in 1902 - Part ONE
30. 29 Mount Pelee and its Harvest of Death in 1902 - Part TWO
31. 30 St. Vincent Island and Mont Soufriere in 1812
32. 31 Submarine Volcanoes and their Work of Island Building
33. 32 Mud Volcanoes, Geysers and Hot Springs

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The first half of this book describes the devastating earthquake that hit San Francisco in 1906, and the subsequent destruction caused by fire. Various eyewitnesses and victims give their account on the tragedy. In the second half, a number of different other earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are retold, like the eruption of the Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeij or the explosion of the Krakatoa, together with scientific explanations for the causes of earthquakes and the eruption of volcanos.