Saint Athanasius: The Father of Orthodoxy cover

Saint Athanasius: The Father of Orthodoxy

Frances Alice Forbes (1869-1936)

1. 01 - A Foreshadowing
2. 02 - Arius the Heresiarch
3. 03 - The Great Council
4. 04 - The Calm Before the Storm
5. 05 - False Witnesses
6. 06 - The Royal Hearted Exile
7. 07 - The Day Of Rejoıcing
8. 08 - The Invisible Patriarch
9. 09 - A Short-Lıved Peace
10. 10 - The Last Exile
11. 11 - The Truce Of God

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A short and rather old fashioned biography a great saint. Don't expect subtlety; it's unapologetic hagiography. The saint is presented as a figure of pristine brilliance, courage and integrity and his persecutors as conniving villains. But to those who appreciate what was at stake in the controversy, Athanasius is indeed a God-sent hero. This is an informative, if quaint, introduction to a fascinating figure in history.