Rural Rides cover

Rural Rides

William Cobbett (1763-1835)

1. From London to Gloucester
2. From Gloucester to Kensington
3. Kentish Journal
4. Norfolk and Suffolk Journal
5. Sussex Journal: To Battle
6. Sussex Journal: Through Croydon
7. Huntingdon Journal
8. Journal: Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire
9. Rural Ride, from Kensington to Uphusband
10. Through Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex Part 1
11. Through Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex Part 2
12. Rural Ride from Kensington to Worth; from the London Wen
13. Rural Ride through the South East of Hampshire &c. Part 1
14. Rural Ride through the South East of Hampshire &c. Part 2
15. Rural Ride to Dover
16. Rural Ride from Dover, to the Wen
17. Rural Rides, from Kensington, across Surrey; from Chilworth, to Winchester
18. Rural Ride from Winchester to Burghclere
19. Rural Ride from Burghclere to Petersfield
20. Rural Ride from Petersfield to Kensington Part 1
21. Rural Ride from Petersfield to Kensington Part 2
22. Rural Ride Down the Valley of the Avon in Wiltshire
23. Ride from Salisbury, to Highworth
24. Ride from Highworth to Cricklade and then to Malmsbury
25. Ride, from Malmsbury, in Wiltshire, through Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire
26. Ride from Ryall in Worcestershire to Burghclere in Hampshire
27. Ride, from Burghclere to Lyndhurst, in the New Forest
28. Ride, from Lyndhurst (New Forest) to Beaulieu Abbey; &c
29. Ride: from Weston, near Southampton, to Kensington
30. Rural Ride: to Tring, in Hertfordshire; Northern Tour
31. Eastern Tour Part 1
32. Eastern Tour Part 2
33. Midland Tour
34. Tour in the West; Progress in the North

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William Cobbett: 1763-1835 English farmer, journalist and politician. His book Rural Rides collects together the articles published in his Political Register between 1822 and 1826, reflecting conditions of farmers and labourers in the English countryside, together with his views on the necessary actions for remedy and the shortcomings of government in this regard. Although this sounds amazingly dry, his forthright personality, original views and conversational tone, as well as the startling relevance of many of his topics to current political and social issues, give Rural Rides the immediacy and liveliness of a 19th century blog.