The Ruby and the Caldron cover

The Ruby and the Caldron

Anna Katharine Green (1846-1935)

1. 1 - Part One
2. 2 - Part Two
3. 3 - Part Three

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A valuable ruby is lost during a disturbance in the snow before a ball at The Evergreens. A detective is called for right away to recover it, but who, of the few guests, might have the jewel, and how to solve the mystery without causing a scandal?



Nice plot. I enjoyed the reading very much! Thank you Carolyn!


I had trouble with the reader at first, but gradually I understood her accent better..interesting story!


- Intriguing!

The reader did a fantastic job. She has a beautiful accent easy to understand and great expression! The story is an intriguing and tangled mystery which all comes together toward the end. A love story or two is also included. Great listening experience.


- Awful Reader

I couldn't get past 5 minutes with this book. The reader is terrible, I couldn't understand her. It's like she had a thick accent and read extremely slow.


- The Best!

Wow! The reader is ok, and yet The Amethyst Box is the best Anna wrote!


Good, very interesting, well written short story. We'll read by Carolyn


- Great short story!

An enjoyable story, especially if you want something short but fast-paced and interesting. Took a couple of chapters to get used to the reader and her style, but once I got accustomed to it, I was able to kick back and relax for the rest of the story.