Rover Boys in the Jungle cover

Rover Boys in the Jungle

Arthur M. Winfield (1862-1930)

1. Introduction
2. Unpleasant News
3. Newcomers at the Academy
4. An Old Enemy Turns Up
5. The Chase on the Lake
6. Fun and an Explosion
7. The Strange Figure in the Hallway
8. Who Was Guilty?
9. In Which Alexander Pop Runs Away
10. The Rover Boys on Wheels
11. A Strange Message from the Sea
12. The Rovers Reach a Conclusion
13. Off for Africa
14. A Rescue in MidOcean
15. A Strange Meeting in Boma
16. Captain Villaires Little Plot
17. The Start up the Congo
18. The Attack at the Hostelry
19. A Demand of Importance
20. What Happened to Tom and Sam
21. The Fight at the Old Fort
22. Into the Heart of Africa
23. A Hurricane
24. Dick Meets an Old Enemy
25. Josiah Crabtree Makes a Move
26. Dick and the Lion
27. The Last of Josiah Crabtree
28. The Journey to the Mountain
29. King Susko
30. The Village on the Mountain
31. Finding the LongLost
32. Conclusion

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Third entry in the then-popular boys' adventure series has the Rover brothers (Tom, Dick, & Sam) heading to Africa to search for their long-missing father, after a few more adventures at their upstate New York boarding school, Putnam Hall.