Rose in Bloom cover

Rose in Bloom

Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)

1. 00 - Preface
2. 01 - Coming Home
3. 02 - Old Friends With New Faces
4. 03 - Miss Campbell
5. 04 - Thorns Among the Roses
6. 05 - Prince Charming
7. 06 - Polishing Mac
8. 07 - Phebe
9. 08 - Breaker's Ahead
10. 09 - New Year's Calls
11. 10 - The Sad and Sober Part
12. 11 - Small Temptations
13. 12 - At Kitty's Ball
14. 13 - Both Sides
15. 14 - Aunt Clara's Plan
16. 15 - Alas for Charlie!
17. 16 - Good Works
18. 17 - Among the Haycocks
19. 18 - Which Was It?
20. 19 - Behind the Fountain
21. 20 - What Mac Did
22. 21 - How Phebe Earned Her Welcome
23. 22 - Short and Sweet

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Opening several years after the close of "Eight Cousins", we find Rose coming home fresh from a voyage overseas, to find much changed about her. Now of a marriageable age and heiress to a fortune, Rose finds joy,sorrow, and finally love await her -- as the Rose is finally ready to bloom into a good, strong, sweet and true woman.This sequel to Eight Cousins was written by Louisa May Alcott, the author of many well beloved children's books including Little Women, An Old Fashioned Girl, Under the Lilacs and more.


Tatiana Bear

- This is the best book I’ve read in a long time

I like this book very well,but I don’t really like the reader so I just read full text. Everybody should definitely read this this book it’s most amazing book ever!!!!

Grace - June 11, 2019

- This wonderful book & wonderful reader!

I am eleven years old, and my sister and I LOVE listing to this wonderful book! thanks to the reader. I really recommend listening to this book. It is sad in a few parts, but is very sweet! One of my favorite things to do is listening to this story. Thank You!

Faith -January 18 2018

A most delightful story! The reader was great, and the story very sweet and romantic :) I recommend this storyfor all ages!


- Delightful! Lovely Reading!

What a wonderful sequel to Eight Cousins, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and Maria Therese's reading is beautiful!


- Sweet & Enjoyable

If your looking for a sweet, romantic book, this is it. I recommend this for everyone. It is perfect for young and old.

Miss Caitlin's Nana

- So Sweet and Fragrant

This delightful novel carried me to the hope-filled heights of innocence and unconditional love. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The reader performed nicely, as well. Thank you!