Rose O' The River cover

Rose O' The River

Kate Douglas Wiggin (1856-1923)

1. The Pine and the Rose
2. Old Kennebec
3. The Edgewood Drive
4. Blasphemious Swearing
5. The Game of Jackstraws
6. Hearts and Other Hearts
7. The Little House
8. The Garden of Eden
9. The Serpent
10. The Turquoise Ring
11. Rose Sees the World
12. Gold and Pinchbeck
13. A Country Chevalier
14. Housebreaking
15. The Dream Room

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Rose Wiley is a pretty country girl. She's engaged to Stephen Waterman, a country boy. She is quite content, until Claude Merril, a man from Boston, tells her that her love is ruining Stephen's life. A cute coming-of-age novel.



- Family

I'm not a fan of various readers thus the four stars and the story itself was a little drawn out with a couple of boring chapters.