Roast Beef, Medium cover

Roast Beef, Medium

Edna Ferber (1885-1968)

1. 00 - Foreword
2. 01 - Roast Beef, Medium
3. 02 - Representing T. A. Buck
4. 03 - Chickens
5. 04 - His Mother's Son
6. 05 - Pink Tights and Ginghams
7. 06 - Simply Skirts
8. 07 - Underneath The High Cut Vest
9. 08 - Catching Up With Christmas
10. 09 - Knee Deep in Knickers
11. 10 - In The Absence Of the Agent

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This book follows the adventures of Emma McChesney, a smart and savvy divorced mother who travels the Midwest as a sales representative for a large skirt and petticoat manufacturer. Her many adventures with people, (including predatory salesmen and hotel clerks), are funny and poignant. She is hardworking and able to outsell the slickest of the men salesmen. She has learned to focus on her work and her seventeen-year-old son, Jock. Experience has taught her that it is usually best to stick to roast beef, medium and not get stomach ache with fancy sauces and exotic dishes. This is the first of three volumes following the career and adventures of Emma McChesney. (Introduction by Phil Chenevert)



- enjoyable

very entertaining and amusing plus a good reader