The Road to Understanding cover

The Road to Understanding

Eleanor H. Porter (1868-1920)

1. 01 - Dedication & Chapter 1: Frosted Cakes and Shotguns
2. 02 - An Only Son
3. 03 - Honeymoon Days
4. 04 - Nest-Building
5. 05 - The Wife
6. 06 - The Husband
7. 07 - Stumbling-Blocks
8. 08 - Diverging Ways
9. 09 - A Bottle of Ink
10. 10 - By Advice of Counsel
11. 11 - In Quest of the Stars
12. 12 - The Trail of the Ink
13. 13 - A Woman's Won't
14. 14 - An Understudy
15. 15 - A Woman's Will
16. 16 - Emergencies
17. 17 - Pink Teas to Flighty Blondes
18. 18 - A Little Bunch of Diaries
19. 19 - The Stage is Set
20. 20 - The Curtain Rises
21. 21 - The Play Begins
22. 22 - Actor and Audience
23. 23 - 'The Plot Thickens'
24. 24 - Counter-Plots
25. 25 - Enigmas
26. 26 - The Road to Understanding

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"If Burke Denby had not been given all the frosted cakes and toy shotguns he wanted at the age of ten, it might not have been so difficult to convince him at the age of twenty that he did not want to marry Helen Barnet.""Of course the inevitable happened. However near two roads may be at the start, if they diverge ever so slightly and keep straight ahead, there is bound to be in time all the world between them. In the case of Burke and Helen, their roads never started together at all: they merely crossed; and at the crossing came the wedding. They were miles apart at the start—miles apart in tastes, traditions, and environment. In one respect only were they alike: undisciplined self-indulgence—a likeness that meant only added differences when it came to the crossing; and that made it all the more nearly impossible to merge those two diverging roads into one wide way leading straight on to wedded happiness." (From the book)This all sounds complicated. This complicated situation is conveyed to us by the couple and some of their friends. However, more complications rise when a daughter is caught in the middle - a clever and wonderful girl who had to endure a sad and bitter life: live with her abnormal mother and be employed by her father, without knowing it's him. Her parents know what's best for her, but does Betty know what's best for herself? Will Betty be able to forgive her parents?



- Review

Brilliantly read. Quite a different story.