Rival Pitchers of Oakdale cover

Rival Pitchers of Oakdale

Morgan Scott

1. The Boy Who Wanted to Pitch
2. Baseball Practice
3. Two of a Kind
4. Len Roberts of Barnville
5. Hooker's Motorcycle
6. A Dead Sure Thing
7. Rackliff Fishes for Suckers
8. Ready for the Game
9. The First Inning
10. The Crucial Moment
11. A Change of Pitchers
12. Won in the Ninth
13. Rackliff's Treachery
14. Jealousy
15. Plain Talk from Eliot
16. Dread
17. The Boy on the Bench
18. A Lost Opportunity
19. Poison Spleen
20. Fellows Who Made Mistakes
21. A Persistent Rascal
22. Self-Restraint or Cowardice
23. Hooker Breaks with Rackliff
24. Once More
25. The Wyndham Pitcher
26. The Plunge from the Bridge
27. A Rebellious Conscience
28. When the Signals Changed
29. Phil Gets his Eyes Opened
30. The Greatest Victory

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Play Ball!!! It's the start of another baseball season at Oakdale Academy. But there is a rivalry brewing between the pitchers. One wants to be a starting pitcher, but he is inconsistent. Another, a new kid from Texas, has been mentored by last year's starter, and is proving to have talent. And don't forget that starting pitcher from last season, he wants to continue to take the rubber for the team. This should prove to be an exciting season for the boys!