Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet cover

Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet

Harold L. Goodwin (1914-1990)

1. Chapter One - SCN Scorpius, Spacebound
2. Chapter Two - Rake That Radiation!
3. Chapter Three - Capture and Drive!
4. Chapter Four - First, Find the Needle!
5. Chapter Dive - The Small Gray World
6. Chapter Six - Rip's Personal Planet
7. Chapter Seven - Earthbound!
8. Chapter Eight - Duck - Or Die!
9. Chapter Nine - Repel Invaders!
10. Chapter Ten - Get the Scorpion!
11. Chapter Eleven - Hard Words for O'Brine
12. Chapter Twelve - Mercury Transit
13. Chapter Thirteen - Peril at Perihelion
14. Chapter Fourteen - Between Two Fires
15. Chapter Fifteen - The Rocketeers
16. Chapter Sixteen - Ride the Gray Planet!
17. Chapter Seventeen - The Archer and the Eagle
18. Chapter Eighteen - Courtesy - with Claws
19. Chapter Nineteen - Spacefall
20. Chapter Twenty - On the Platform

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"Foster, Lieutenant, R. I. P.," blared the voice horn, and five minutes later Rip Foster was off into space on an assignment more exciting than any he had ever imagined. He could hardly believe his ears. Could a green young Planeteer, just through his training, possibly carry out orders like these? Sunny space, what a trick it would be! From the moment Rip boards the space ship Scorpius there is a thrill a minute. He and his nine daring Planeteers must cope with the merciless hazing of the spacemen commanding the ship, and they must outwit the desperate Connies, who threaten to plunge all of space into war. There are a thousand dangers to be faced in high vacuum—and all of this while carrying out an assignment that will take every reader's breath away.



- Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet

Good old fashion scifi space adventure, brilliantly narrated.