Ride Proud, Rebel! cover

Ride Proud, Rebel!

Andre Norton (1912-2005)

1. Preface
2. Ride with Morgan
3. Guns in the Night
4. On the Run--
5. The Eleventh Ohio Cavalry
6. Bardstown Surrenders
7. Horse Trade
8. A Mule for the River
9. Happy Birthday, Soldier!
10. One More River to Cross
11. "Dismount! Prepare to Fight Gunboats!"
12. The Road to Nashville
13. Guerillas
14. Disaster
15. Hell in Tennessee
16. Independent Scout
17. Missing in Action
18. Poor Rebel Soldier
19. Texas Spurs

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Drew Rennie, served as a cavalry scout in Confederate general John Hunt Morgan's command. He had left home in 1862 after a final break with his harsh grandfather, who despised him since his birth because of his mother's runaway marriage to a Texan. During the final year of conflict Drew has the additional responsibility of looking out for his headstrong fifteen-year-old cousin Boyd, who has run away from home to join Morgan's command and has a lot to learn in the school of hard knocks the army provides. The story follows the two of them and a new friend, Anson Kirby, through campaigns in Kentucky, Tennessee and later on deeper into the South, first with Morgan and later under Forrest.