The Riddle of the Purple Emperor cover

The Riddle of the Purple Emperor

Mary E. Hanshew (1852-1927)

1. 01 – Which Introduces a New Friend
2. 02 – The Home-coming
3. 03 – In the Dark
4. 04 – The House of Shadows
5. 05 – The Threads of Chance
6. 06 – The Cry in the Night
7. 07 – In the Tiger’s Clutches
8. 08 – Complications and Complexities
9. 09 – The House with the Shuttered Windows
10. 10 – A Shot in the Dark
11. 11 – A Terrible Discovery
12. 12 – The Woman in the Case
13. 13 – Tightening the Strands
14. 14 – The Plot Thickens
15. 15 – Tangled Threads
16. 16 – In the Doctor’s Surgery
17. 17 – Miss Cheyne Again
18. 18 – Dollops Takes a Hand
19. 19 – The Twin Scarves
20. 20 – A Twisted Clue
21. 21 – ‘Tis a Mad World, My Masters
22. 22 – The Trap
23. 23 – Untwisting the Threads
24. 24 – An Unexpected Contretemps
25. 25 – A Tale Unfolded

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Orphan Lady Margaret Cheyne returns home on her eighteenth birthday to live with her embittered maiden aunt and to take up her inheritance of the family jewels. The Cheyne jewels include a pendant featuring the Purple Emperor, a priceless jewel looted from a temple during the Indian Mutiny.During her time at school in Paris, Lady Margaret has met and fallen in love with Sir Edgar Brenton, the son of an old flame of her aunt and a neighbour in the village of Hampton, where Cleek’s adored Ailsa Lorne has also taken up residence.Lady Margaret’s return leads to a mysterious and sinister chain of events, which Cleek and Superintendent Maverick Narkom of Scotland Yard attempt to unravel, with, of course, the help of the irrepressible and ever-hungry Dollops, Cleek’s cockney sidekick.This full-length mystery is a welcome return for Hamilton Cleek, whom we first met in Cleek: The Man of the Forty Faces.



- Riddle of the Purple Emperor

You'll have to pay very close attention to get the clues in this story, very complex and lots of characters, a compelling story. Beautifully narrated.


- Good Cleek story

A complex mystery with characters that are a little hard to keep track of. Still, I gave it 5 stars because I enjoy the Cleek stories...and young Dollops, a bright and endearing Cockney lad.