Revolution, and other Essays cover

Revolution, and other Essays

Jack London (1876-1916)

1. Revolution
2. The Somnambulists
3. The Dignity of Dollars
4. Goliah, Part I
5. Goliah, Part II
6. The Golden Poppy
7. The Shrinkage of the Planet
8. The House Beautiful
9. The Gold Hunters of the North
10. Fomá Gordyéeff
11. These Bones shall Rise Again
12. The Other Animals
13. The Yellow Peril
14. What Life Means to Me

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A collection of 13 essays written between 1900 and 1908, published in 1910. The lead essay, "Revolution", outlines how and why London renounced capitalism as a failed social system and declared himself an active participant in the "socialist revolution", the last essay is an autobiographical piece, and the essays in between are on diverse subjects. A few of the “essays” are actually humorous short fiction stories; others are serious, sometimes angry rants against capitalistic greed and political corruption. All of the pieces are thought-provoking and excellently written, though only loosely intellectual, highly opinionated, and rife with contradiction, as was London himself.