Revolution and Counter-Revolution, or: Germany in 1848 cover

Revolution and Counter-Revolution, or: Germany in 1848

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

1. Note by the Editor
2. I. Germany at the Outbreak of the Revolution
3. II. The Prussian State
4. III. The Other German States
5. IV. Austria
6. V. The Vienna Insurrection
7. VI. The Berlin Insurrection
8. VII. The Frankfort National Assembly
9. VIII. Poles, Tschechs, and Germans
10. IX. Panslavism - The Schleswig-Holstein War
11. X. The Paris Rising - The Frankfort Assembly
12. XI. The Vienna Insurrection
13. XII. The Storming of Vienna - The Betrayal of Vienna
14. XIII. The Prussian Assembly - The National Assembly
15. XIV. The Restoration of Order - Diet and Chamber
16. XV. The Triumph of Prussia
17. XVI. The Assembly and the Governments
18. XVII. Insurrection
19. XVIII. Petty Traders
20. XIX. The Close of the Insurrection
21. XX. The Late Trial at Cologne

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Revolution and Counter-Revolution is an account of what happened in Prussia, Austria and other German states during 1848, describing the impact on both middle-class and working-class aspirations and on the idea of German unification. Events in Austria and Prussia are discussed, along with the role of the Poles and Czechs and Panslavism, which Engels was against.