The Regent cover

The Regent

Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)

1. Ch 01 - Dog Bite
2. Ch 02 - The Bank-Note
3. Ch 03 - Wilkins'
4. Ch 04 - Entry into the Theatrical World
5. Ch 05 - Mr. Sachs Talks
6. Ch 06 - Lord Waldo and Lady Waldo
7. Ch 07 - Cornerstone
8. Ch 08 - Dealing With Elsie
9. Ch 09 - The First Night
10. Ch 10 - Isabel

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'The Regent' is, if not a sequel to 'The Card', then a 'Further Adventures of' the eponymous hero of that novel.Denry Machin is now forty-three and begins to feel that he is getting old, that making money and a happy home life are not enough and that he has lost his touch as the entrepreneur and entertainer of the 'Five Towns'.In fact, as he says to himself 'What I want is change - and a lot of it too!'. A chance meeting at the local theatre leads to his going to London and then...