Redburn: His First Voyage cover

Redburn: His First Voyage

Herman Melville (1819-1891)

1. Chapters I - V
2. Chapters VI - X
3. Chapters XI - XV
4. Chapters XVI - XX
5. Chapters XXI - XXV
6. Chapters XXVI - XXIX
7. Chapters XXX - XXXII
8. Chapters XXXIII - XXXVII
9. Chapters XXXVIII - XLII
10. Chapters XLIII - XLV
11. Chapters XLVI - XLIX
12. Chapters L - LV
13. Chapters LVI - LIX
14. Chapters LX - LXII

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Melville wrote of some of his earliest experiences at sea in the story of Wellingborough Redburn, a wet-behind-the-ears youngster whose head was filled with dreams of foreign travel and adventure. In Redburn, the protagonist enlists for a stint as a seaman aboard Highlander, a merchant ship running between New York and London. As with many of Melville's works, this one is as much about class and race as it is about the sea.