Rainbow and the Rose cover

Rainbow and the Rose

Edith Nesbit (1858-1924)

1. The Things That Matter
2. The Confession
3. Work
4. The Jilted Lover to His Mother
5. The Will to Live
6. The Beatific Vision
7. Mummy Wheat
8. The Beech Tree
9. In Absence
10. Silence
11. Raison D'Etre
12. The Onlooker
13. The Tree of Knowledge
14. At Parting
15. Song
16. Renunciation
17. The Veil of Maya
18. Song
19. To Vera, Who Asked for a Song
20. The Poet to His Love
21. The Maiden's Prayer
22. Song
23. The Magic Flower
24. La Derniere Robe De Soi
25. The Least Possible
26. En Tout Cas
27. Appeal
28. St Valentine's Day
29. Chagrin D'Amour
30. Bridal Eve
31. Love and Life
32. From The Italian
33. Out of the Fullness of the Heart the Mouth Speaketh
34. Summer Song
35. The Lower Room
36. Song
37. May Song
38. To Iris
39. To A Child (Rosamund)
40. Birthday Talk for a Child (Iris)
41. To Rosamund
42. From the Tuscan
43. Mother Song
44. The Island
45. Possession
46. Accession
47. The Destroyer
48. The Egoists
49. The Way of Love
50. To One Who Pleaded for Candour in Love
51. The Enchanted Garden
52. The Poor Man's Guest
53. In the Shallows
54. "And the Rains Descended And the Floods Came"
55. The Star
56. The Prodigal Son
57. Despair
58. The Temptation
59. Second Nature
60. De Profundis
61. At The Gate
62. Via Amoris
63. Retro Sathanas
64. The Old Dispensation
65. The New Dispensation
66. The Three Kings
67. After Death
68. Chloe
69. Invocation
70. The Last Betrayal
71. A Prayer for the King's Majesty
72. True Love and New Love
73. Death
74. In Memory of Saretta Deakin
75. A Parting (For Dorothy)

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A collection of poetry in the whimsical style of Edith Nesbit, author of "The Five Children and It" and "The Railway Children". These poems are primarily for adults, although a few are written for her daughters. The majority are philosophical reflections on Edith Nesbit's life as a wife and mother, and theological reflections on Christianity and faith, the nature of the world, life and death.