Pushing to the Front cover

Pushing to the Front

Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924)

1. Foreword
2. Chapter I: The Man and the Opportunity
3. Chapter II: Wanted - a Man
4. Chapter III: Boys with No Chance
5. Chapter IV: The Country Boy
6. Chapter V: Opportunities Where You Are
7. Chapter VI: Possibilities in Spare Moments
8. Chapter VII: How Poor Boys and Girls Go to College
9. Chapter VIII: Your Opportunity Confronts You—What Will You Do with It?
10. Chapter IX: Round Boys in Square Holes
11. Chapter X: What Career?
12. Chapter XI: Choosing a Vocation
13. Chapter XII: Concentrated Energy
14. Chapter XIII: The Triumphs of Enthusiasm
15. Chapter XIV: "On Time," Or, The Triumph of Promptness
16. Chapter XV: What a Good Appearance Will Do
17. Chapter XVI: Personality as a Success Asset
18. Chapter XVII: If You Can Talk Well
19. Chapter XVIII: A Fortune in Good Manners
20. Chapter XIX: Self-Consciousness and Timidity Foes To Success
21. Chapter XX: Tact or Common Sense
22. Chapter XXI: Enamored of Accuracy
23. Chapter XXII: Do It to a Finish
24. Chapter XXIII: The Reward of Persistence
25. Chapter XXIV: Nerve—Grip, Pluck
26. Chapter XXV: Clear Grit
27. Chapter XXVI: Success Under Difficulties
28. Chapter XXVII: Uses of Obstacles
29. Chapter XXVIII: Decision
30. Chapter XXIX: Observation as a Success Factor
31. Chapter XXX: Self-Help
32. Chapter XXXI: The Self-Improvement Habit
33. Chapter XXXII: Raising of Values
34. Chapter XXXIII: Public Speaking
35. Chapter XXXIV: The Triumphs of the Common Virtues
36. Chapter XXXV: Getting Aroused
37. Chapter XXXVI: The Man with an Idea
38. Chapter XXXVII: Dare
39. Chapter XXXVIII: The Will and the Way
40. Chapter XXXIX: One Unwavering Aim
41. Chapter XL: Work and Wait
42. Chapter XLI: The Might of Little Things
43. Chapter XLII: The Salary You Do Not Find In Your Pay Envelope
44. Chapter XLIII: Expect Great Things of Yourself
45. Chapter XLIV: The Next Time You Think You are a Failure
46. Chapter XLV: Stand for Something
47. Chapter XLVI: Nature's Little Bill
48. Chapter XLVII: Habit—The Servant,—The Master
49. Chapter XLVIII: The Cigarette
50. Chapter XLIX: The Power of Purity
51. Chapter L: The Habit of Happiness
52. Chapter LI: Put Beauty Into Your Life
53. Chapter LII: Education by Absorption
54. Chapter LIII: The Power of Suggestion
55. Chapter LIV: The Curse of Worry
56. Chapter LV: Take a Pleasant Thought to Bed with You
57. Chapter LVI: The Conquest of Poverty
58. Chapter LVII: A New Way of Bringing Up Children
59. Chapter LVIII: The Home as a School of Good Manners
60. Chapter LIX: Mother
61. Chapter LX: Why So Many Married Women Deteriorate
62. Chapter LXI: Thrift
63. Chapter LXII: A College Education at Home
64. Chapter LXIII: Discrimination in Reading
65. Chapter LXIV: Reading a Spur to Ambition
66. Chapter LXV: Why Some Succeed and Others Fail
67. Chapter LXVI: Rich without Money

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Published in 1894, this is the first book by the renowned inspirational author, Dr. Orison Swett Marden. Pushing to the Front is the product of many years of hard work, and marks a turning point in the life of Dr. Marden. He rewrote it following an accidental fire that brought the five-thousand-plus page manuscript to flames. It went on to become the most popular personal-development book of its time, and is a timeless classic in its genre. Filled with stories of success, triumph and the surmounting of difficulties, it is especially well-targeted at the adolescent or young adult. It is a book to inspire the reader towards a noble sense of integrity, a strong moral foundation, and solid, enduring self-discipline to let the reader put each foot forward as the leader they are meant to be.