The Pupil cover

The Pupil

Henry James (1843-1916)

1. 1 - Chapter I
2. 2 - Chapter II
3. 3 - Chapter III
4. 4 - Chapter IV
5. 5 - Chapter V
6. 6 - Chapter VI
7. 7 - Chapter VII
8. 8 - Chapter VIII

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Pemberton, a young American with an Oxford education and out of money, takes a job tutoring Morgan Moreen, the 12-year old son of an American couple living in Europe in a style not quite matched by their income. Morgan, who is highly intelligent, is also precocious and perceptive enough to understand his parents' pretentious aimlessness. Nor, as it happens, do his parents pay Pemberton the salary to which they'd agreed -- shouldn't he be satisfied, after all, by his life with them, and by the joy of tutoring young Morgan? Alternately charmed and put off by the Moreen family, Pemberton is left to choose between his attachment to his young pupil and his need to get on in life.