Public Opinion cover

Public Opinion

Walter Lippmann (1889-1974)

1. The World Outside And The Pictures In Our Heads
2. Censorship And Privacy
3. Contact And Opportunity
4. Time And Attention
5. Speed, Words, And Clearness
6. Stereotypes
7. Stereotypes As Defense
8. Blind Spots And Their Value
9. Codes And Their Enemies
10. The Detection Of Stereotypes
11. 11 - The Enlisting Of Interest
12. Self-Interest Reconsidered
13. The Transfer Of Interest
14. Yes Or No
15. Leaders And The Rank And File
16. The Self-Centered Man
17. The Self-Contained Community
18. The Role Of Force, Patronage, and Privilege
19. The Old Image In A New Form: Guild Socialism
20. A New Image
21. The Buying Public
22. The Constant Reader
23. The Nature Of News
24. News, Truth, And A Conclusion
25. The Entering Wedge
26. Intelligence Work
27. The Appeal To The Public
28. The Appeal To Reason

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Public Opinion (1922), by Walter Lippman, is a critical assessment of functional democratic government, especially the irrational, and often self-serving, social perceptions that influence individual behavior, and prevent optimal societal cohesion. (Introduction by author)