The Princess Passes cover

The Princess Passes

Charles Norris Williamson

1. 01 – Woman Disposes
2. 02 – Mercedes to the Rescue
3. 03 – My Lesson
4. 04 – Pots, Kettles, and Other Things
5. 05 – In Search of a Mule
6. 06 – The Wings of the Wind
7. 07 – At Last!
8. 08 – The Making of a Mystery
9. 09 – The Brat
10. 10 – The Scraping of Acquaintance
11. 11 – A Shadow of Night
12. 12 – The Princess
13. 13 – Afternoon Calls
14. 14 – The Path of the Moon
15. 15 – Enter the Contessa
16. 16 – A Man from the Dark
17. 17 – A Little Game of Flirtation
18. 18 – Rank Tyranny
19. 19 – The Little Rift Within the Lute
20. 20 – The Great Paolo
21. 21 – The Challenge
22. 22 – An American Custom
23. 23 – There Is No Such Girl
24. 24 – The Revenge of the Mountain
25. 25 – The Americans
26. 26 – The Vanishing of the Prince
27. 27 – The Strange Mushroom
28. 28 – The World Without the Boy
29. 29 – The Fairy Prince’s Ring
30. 30 – The Day of Suspense
31. 31 – The Boy’s Sister

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An American heiress nicknamed the Manitou Princess (after her daddy’s richest silver mine) is devastated to find that her fiancé only loves her money, so she does what anyone might do: she bolts for Europe, dons male attire and sets out on a walking tour of the Alps, passing as a teenage boy. Though professing hatred of all men, she soon falls in with a just-jilted English lord, aptly named Monty Lane, who is attempting to walk off a broken heart of his own. The Princess Passes presents the ups and downs of their alpine relationship through the unpenetrating eyes of Lord Lane. Why, he wonders, is he thus drawn to this beautiful youth? And has the boy a sister?Co-author Alice Livingston, of Poughkeepsie, New York, mentions in her memoirs that she sailed for Europe after a boyfriend tried to shoot her. In London she met literary editor Charles Williamson and began writing for the story magazines of media mogul Lord Northcliffe. At one point she found herself scribbling six serials simultaneously, on the income from which she and Williamson married. She later spun some of her husband’s detailed descriptive notes made during their motor-trips abroad into a string of bestselling novels involving automobiling, then a novelty.The central romantic action of The Princess Passes recalls comic situations of Shakespeare’s cross-dressing heroines and is bookended by automobile-themed sequences as the narrator and friends (hero & heroine of the Williamsons’ first novel, The Lightning Conductor) motor south through the magnificent, peaceful mountain passes of pre-World War I Europe.