Prester John cover

Prester John

John Buchan (1875-1940)

1. 01 – The Man on the Kirkcaple Shore
2. 02 – Furth! Fortune!
3. 03 – Blaauwildebeestefontein
4. 04 – My Journey to the Winter-veld
5. 05 – Mr. Wardlaw Has a Premonition
6. 06 – The Drums Beat at Sunset
7. 07 – Captain Arcoll Tells a Tale
8. 08 – I Fall in Again with the Reverend John Laputa
9. 09 – The Store at Umvelos’
10. 10 – I Go Treasure Hunting
11. 11 – The Cave of the Rooirand
12. 12 – Captain Arcoll Sends a Message
13. 13 – The Drift of the Letaba
14. 14 – I Carry the Collar of Prester John
15. 15 – Morning in the Berg
16. 16 – Inanda’s Kraal
17. 17 – A Deal and Its Consequences
18. 18 – How a Man May Sometimes Put His Trust in a Horse
19. 19 – Arcoll’s Shepherding
20. 20 – My Last Sight of the Reverend John Laputa
21. 21 – I Climb the Crags a Second Time
22. 22 – A Great Peril and a Great Salvation
23. 23 – My Uncle’s Gift Is Many Times Multiplied

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This classic adventure novel by the author of Greenmantle and The Thirty-Nine Steps relates the first-person exploits of young David Crawfurd before the age of twenty.As a boy growing up on the coast of Scotland, minister’s son Davie and two friends were pursued with murderous intent along the cliffs one night by John Laputa, a visiting black African preacher, whom they had witnessed performing un-Christian rites round a campfire on the beach.A few years later, when his father’s death forces Davie to quit college and join the tribe of wandering Scots, our hero finds himself in South Africa, assistant shopkeeper in a seemingly sleepy back-veldt store. There he re-encounters Laputa, now charismatic leader of an incipient native uprising, secretly preaching the incendiary creed of “Africa for the Africans,” and proclaiming himself heir to the mantle of Prester John, a legendary 15th-century Christian king of Ethiopia.Can young Davie possibly penetrate the megalomaniac’s mountain stronghold, foil the insurrection, prevent a massacre of white settlers, and make off with the rebels’ war-chest of gold and diamonds?It’s going to take some doing – and not a little derring-do!