Postmaster's Daughter cover

Postmaster's Daughter

Louis Tracy (1863-1928)

1. The Face At the Window
2. P. C. Robinson "Takes A Line"
3. The Gathering Clouds
4. A Cabal
5. The Seeds Of Mischief
6. Scotland Yard Takes A Hand
7. "Alarums And Excursions"
8. An Interrupted Symposium
9. He Whom The Cap Fits
10. The Case Against Grant
11. P. C. Robinson Takes Another Line
12. Wherein Winter Gets To Work
13. Concerning Theodore Siddle
14. On Both sides Of The River
15. A Matter Of Heredity
16. Furneaux Makes A Successful Bid
17. An Official Housebreaker
18. The Truth At Last

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A charming mystery story set in the early 1900s which is as much about the townspeople, sleuths and other colorful characters as it is about the murder. Filled with comic antics of Scotland Yard fellows, local police, and residents of the town, keeps the murder ever elusive. The "whodunit" is maintained until the very end and the laughter keeps going even after the mystery is solved.