Pony Rider Boys in Alaska cover

Pony Rider Boys in Alaska

Frank Gee Patchin (1861-1925)

1. Through Enchanting Waters
2. The Boys Scent a Plot
3. In Desperate Straits
4. On the Overland Trail
5. Traveling a Dangerous Mountain Pass
6. Caught in a Giant Slide
7. Going to Bed by Daylight
8. An Intruder in the Camp
9. A Mystery Solved
10. In the Home of the Thlinkits
11. The Guide Who Made a Hit
12. In the Heart of Nature
13. A Pony Rider Boy's Pluck
14. Stacy Bumps the Bumps
15. The Story in the Dead Fire
16. A Sign From the Mountain Top
17. An Unexpected Meeting
18. An Unfriendly Reception
19. The Professor in a Rage
20. Tad Discovers Something
21. Conclusion

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Yee-haw!! The Pony Riders Boys are on the move again! In their last adventure, they are on their way with Professor Zepplin to Alaska. On the "Corsair", they see gold miners on their way to seek their fortune, so the Pony Rider Boys decide to join in the hunt for the yellow metal. But, as always, trouble is not far behind the Pony Rider Boys! (Ann Boulais )