Police Your Planet cover

Police Your Planet

Lester del Rey (1915-1993)

1. 01 One Way Ticket
2. 02 Honest Izzy
3. 03 The Graft Is Green
4. 04 Captain Murdoch
5. 05 Recall
6. 06 Sealed Letter
7. 07 Electioneering
8. 08 Vote Early and Often
9. 09 Contraband
10. 10 Marriage of Convenience
11. 11 The Sky's the Limit
12. 12 Wife or Prisoner?
13. 13 Arrest Mayor Wayne!
14. 14 Full Circle
15. 15 Murdoch's Mantle
16. 16 Get the Dome!
17. 17 Security Payoff

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Bruce Gordon looked at his ticket, grimaced at the ONE WAY stamped on it, then tore it into bits and let the pieces scatter over the floor. He counted them as they fell; thirty pieces in all, one for each year of his life. Little ones for the two years he'd wasted as a cop. Shreds for the four years as a kid in the ring before that--he'd never made the top. Bigger bits for two years also wasted in trying his hand at professional gambling; and the six final pieces that spelled his rise from special reporter helping out with a police shake-up coverage, through a regular leg-man turning up rackets, and on up like a meteor until.... He'd made his big scoop, all right. He'd dug up enough about the Mercury scandals to double circulation. And the government had explained what a fool he'd been for printing half of a story that was never supposed to be printed until all could be revealed. They'd given Bruce Gordon his final assignment...