Poems of Giacomo Leopardi cover

Poems of Giacomo Leopardi

Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837)

1. Preface by O.B. Frothingham
2. Dedication
3. To Italy, 1818
4. On Dante's Monument, 1818
5. To Angelo Mai, on his Discovery of the Lost Books of Cicero, 'De Republica'
6. To his Sister Paolina, on her Approaching Marriage
7. To a Victor in the Game of Pallone
8. The Younger Brutus
9. To the Spring, or of the Fables of the Ancients
10. Hymn to the Patriarchs, or of the Beginnings of the Human Race
11. The Last Song of Sappho
12. First Love
13. The Lonely Sparrow
14. The Infinite
15. The Evening of the Holiday
16. To the Moon
17. The Dream
18. The Lonely Life
19. Consalvo
20. To the Beloved
21. To Count Carlo Pepoli
22. The Resurrection
23. To Sylvia
24. Recollections
25. Night-Song of a Wandering Shepherd in Asia
26. Calm after Storm
27. The Village Saturday-Night
28. The Ruling Thought
29. Love and Death
30. To Himself
31. Aspasia
32. On an Old Sepulchral Bas-Relief, Where is Seen a Young Maiden, Dead, in the Act of Departing, Taking Leave of her Family
33. On the Portrait of a Beautiful Woman, Carved on her Monument
34. Palinodia - to the Marquis Gino Capponi
35. The Setting of the Moon
36. The Ginestra, or the Flower of the Wilderness
37. Imitation
38. Scherzo
39. Fragments

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This is a volume of poems by Giacomo Leopardi.