Poems and Prose for the Departed cover

Poems and Prose for the Departed


1. Abide With Me
2. Crossing the Bar
3. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
4. Death Be Not Proud
5. Death is Nothing at All
6. The Dying Christian to His Soul
7. Eventide
8. Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun from Cymbeline Act IV Scene 2
9. Gone From My Sight
10. I Fall Asleep in the Full and Certain Hope
11. The Lord’s My Shepherd, from the Scottish Psalter
12. The Old Man’s Funeral
13. Oration at a Child’s Grave
14. A Parting Guest
15. Remember
16. Requiem
17. To My Dear and Loving Husband
18. Union of Friends
19. What is Success?
20. Sonnet XXX – When to the Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought

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This is a collection of short poems and readings, both religious and secular, on death and bereavement.