Pitching in a Pinch cover

Pitching in a Pinch

Christy Mathewson (1880-1925)

1. Introduction
2. The Most Dangerous Batters I Have Met
3. 'Take Him Out!'
4. Pitching in a Pinch
5. Big League Pitchers and their Peculiarities
6. Playing the Game from the Bench
7. Coaching - Good and Bad
8. Honest and Dishonest Sign Stealing
9. Umpires and Close Decisions
10. The Game that Cost a Pennant
11. When the Teams Are in Spring Training
12. Jinxes and What They Mean to a Ball-Player
13. Base Runners and How They Help a Pitcher to Win
14. Notable Instances Where the 'Inside' Game Has Failed

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In this book Mathewson is telling the reader of the game as it is played in the Big Leagues.... It’s as good as his pitching and some exciting things have happened in the Big Leagues, stories that never found their way into the newspapers. Matty has told them. This is a true tale of Big Leaguers, their habits and their methods of playing the game, written by one of them.