Pioneers of Science cover

Pioneers of Science

Oliver Lodge (1851-1940)

1. 00 Preface
2. 01 Lecture I: Copernicus and the Motion of the Earth
3. 02 Lecture II: Tycho Brahe and the Earliest Observatory
4. 03 Lecture III: Kepler and the Laws of Planetary Motion
5. 04 Lecture IV: Galileo and the Invention of the telescope
6. 05 Lecture V: Galileo and the Inquisition
7. 06 Lecture VI: Descartes and his Theory of Vortices
8. 07 Lecture VII: Sir Isaac Newton
9. 08 Lecture VIII: Newton and the Law of Gravitation
10. 09 Lecture IX: Newton's Principia
11. 10 Lecture X: Roemer & Bradley and the Velocity of Light
12. 11 Lecture XI: Lagrange and Laplace - The Stability of the Solar System, and the Nebular Hypothesis
13. 12 Lecture XII: Herschel and The Motion of the Fixed Stars
14. 13 Lecture XIII: The Discovery of the Asteriods
15. 14 Lecture XIV: Bessel - The Distance of the Stars, and the Discovery of Stellar Planets
16. 15 Lecture XV: The Discovery of Neptune
17. 16 Lecture XVI: Comets and Meteors
18. 17 Lecture XVII: The Tides
19. 18 Lecture XVIII: The Tides, and Planetary Evolution

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This book takes its origin in a course of lectures on the history and progress of Astronomy arranged for Sir Oliver Lodge in the year 1887. The first part of this book is devoted to the biographies and discoveries of well known astronomers like Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo and Newton. In the second part, the biographies take a back seat, while scientific discoveries are discussed more extensively, like the discovery of Asteroids and Neptune, a treatise on the tides and others.